Best Boating Islands in the US

Are you dreaming of a summer boating holiday? Our boating insurance specialists are.

The US is home to some of the best boating islands, which offer a beautiful trip whether you’re looking to enjoy the scenery, adventure, romance, or family fun.

Here’s our quick guide to just a few of the best boating islands in the country:

Martha’s Vineyard, MA – You’ll enjoy coastal boating at its best when you tour around this wonderful island. There’s plenty to do and see, with expansive beaches, stunning nature preserves, charming shops, and challenging golf courses. You can investigate the rich local history, and you might even sight some celebrities.

Florida Keys, FL – A leisurely trip through the Florida Keys will give you ample time to explore the Upper, Middle, and Lower Keys. Every year, millions of boating enthusiasts enjoy the coastal waters and incomparable views of the Keys. You’ll find plenty of interest as you investigate the thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands, but this destination requires considerable boating skill and constant vigilance, as the depth varies (don’t forget to check your boating insurance coverage before your trip).

Mackinac Island, MI – Northern Michigan is renowned for incredible boating, award-winning wineries, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. One of the most picturesque boating destinations you will find here is Mackinac Island, where lakes Huron and Michigan intersect. Great Lakes boating is spectacular, and you’ll receive a warm welcome (and plenty of amenities) at the three large marinas open to transient boaters.

San Juan Islands, WA – Visitors from around the globe visit the West Coast for the incredible boating destination of the San Juan Islands. Here you will find breathtaking views, challenging coastal waters, and rich biodiversity. It’s not unusual to catch sight of orcas and porpoises in the water or an eagle soaring overhead.

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