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Best Boating Inland Lakes in the United States

With sunny days and warm temperatures on the way, it’s time to get your boat ready, review your boat insurance coverage, and start planning your boating adventures!

There are over 117 million lakes in the United States, that make excellent vacation spots without having to travel outside the country. The biggest challenge might be trying to decide where to go!

To help, our boat insurance specialists have offered a few of their top picks for the best boating inland lakes in the US:

Lake Michigan

This impressive lake (one of the biggest in the country) is a boaters paradise from May to October. While there’s no denying its popularity as a boating destination, it’s so large and offers so many amenities for boaters that it doesn’t feel crowded. When you come to Lake Michigan, you’ll find plenty to do and see as you visit the shores of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Think wineries, stunning scenery, beautiful islands, welcoming harbors (with delicious eateries), and charming lighthouses.

Lake Powell, Utah & Arizona

This massive, man-made reservoir on the Colorado River is a major tourist attraction bringing about 2 million people a year to its shores. Famous landmarks include Glen Canyon Dam, Rainbow Bridge, and Hite Crossing Bridge. Lake Powell’s beautiful scenery has been the site for several films including Planet of the Apes, Maverick and Doctor Who. This all sports lake is a perfect place for wakeboarding, waterskiing, fishing, and houseboating.

Lake Tahoe

Probably one of the most well-known lakes in America, Lake Tahoe lives up to its reputation an exceptional inland lake for boating. You’ll find it between California and Nevada, a freshwater oasis in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, celebrated for its beaches. The lakeshore is welcoming with plenty of amenities and resort properties.

Which inland lakes do you think should be included on our best boating list? Let us know!

Remember to plan for every boat trip, including preparing a float plan, checking your first aid and other supplies, and reviewing your boat insurance coverage before you reach the water. Contact the marine insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to ensure you have adequate boat insurance and liability coverage.

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