Global Marine Insurance: Bermuda Challenge Boat Race

The Bermuda Challenge is an open ocean, high speed, long distance boat race emphasizing speed, safety, and the newest in fuel-efficient technologies and hull shapes. This enthralling event challenges boat builders and marine engineers to produce efficient and reliable vessels capable of accomplishing an arduous transit. Fuel management is critical in this race, since the logistics of the run do not allow for any refueling. Participants travel 673 nautical miles or 774 miles from the Statue of Liberty in New York City, New York to St. Georges, Bermuda where a sea buoy marks the end of the challenge.

In 1996, Larry Graf completed the first Bermuda Challenge run in 37 hours. Fabio Buzzi holds the current Bermuda Challenge World Record time of 17 hours and 6 minutes. In late September, this Italian boat designer and builder shattered the previous record set by the heroic American pilot, Chris Fertig, a month before. The Italian team raced in a military boat used by the Italian Army Special Forces, weighing 9 tons and measuring almost 40 feet long and powered by two 650 horse power engines, hit 40 knots or 46 miles per hour.

This is not a competition for yachts, the race is only open to boats under forty feet long, this race requires competitors to not only build fast boats, but also make them extremely reliable so that they can successfully ride away from the shoreline. This is not an easy task in the North Atlantic, which is known for some of the world’s roughest waters. Carefully designed long narrow hulls constructed with stainless steel make for sturdy, super-powered boats. They also require extremely strong and extended range fuel tanks that are customized to fit the unique shape of these powerboats.

If following the race drives you to the local boat dealer for a little speedboat of your own don’t forget about your boat insurance policy. It’s true, competitors in the Bermuda Challenge may have a difficult time getting insured, but you shouldn’t have that problem. Boat insurance coverage on a powerboat can be a very cost effective way to protect your investment as well as protect you from unnecessary liability. You can go online to get an estimated boat insurance quote before you even make a purchase and then call 800-748-0224 or set up your policy online before you take it home.

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