Global Marine Insurance: August 2012 Boat Festival Vacations

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If you are trying to sneak in a late family vacation these 2012 August boat shows and festivals will not disappoint. For the ultimate vacation fun you may want to consider bringing your boat or if the distance it too far charter a boat and enjoy a once in a lifetime adventure. If you are considering traveling with your boat this summer make sure to check with your boat insurance company to ensure that you have ample boat insurance coverage. Features like on water towing and roadside assistance are automatically included in some boat insurance policies but not all so it’s best to double check before hitting the road with your boat in tow.

August 4th – Classic Boat on the Boardwalk Show

Boardman River, Downtown – Traverse City MI

This small town event features 50 antique boats including mahogany runabouts, hydroplanes, vintage engines and more. It is held on the Boardman River in Traverse City. This quaint vacation town provides a perfect location for a family vacation. If you bring your boat along make sure your boat insurance policy includes on water towing because there are some large inland lakes in addition to Lake Michigan that you wouldn’t want to be stranded on.

August 10th – 12th Payette Lakes Boat Show

The Shore Lodge Resort – McCall, Idaho

This three-day boat show features beautifully restored wooden boats on Lake Payette. The judged event is free to the public and includes music, food and kids events. The scenic location is tucked in the Payette National Forest, north of Boise. If you’re looking for family fun in the great outdoors this is a perfect location. It’s also an excellent spot to bring a fishing boat for the weekend. If you are towing your boat a long distance make sure you are aware if your boat insurance or automobile insurance policy includes roadside assistance. It’s far too hot this summer to spend your vacation stranded on the side of the road.

August 10th & 11th Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance

Sierra Boat Company Marina – Carnelian Bay, California

We can’t talk about summer boat shows without mentioning Concours d’Elegance hosted by the Tahoe Yacht Club Foundation. This year is the 40th anniversary for the annual event and they are proud to be featuring a boat line called the Riva Aquarama. If you want to bring your boat to this vacation destination make sure that your boat insurance policy is up to date because it’s bound to be a busy event. If you don’t have a boat and are in the market you can attend the “Field of Dreams” boat sale swap meet. When you fall in love with the boat of your dreams just call you boat insurance company with the vin number and get your policy set up before you put your new baby in the water.

August 11th La Conner Classic Yacht and Car Show

La Conner Marina – La Conner, Washington

If you’re looking for beautiful boats, big sky, gorgeous mountains and vintage cars and motorcycles then you’ve found the right place. You and your family can enjoy all of this for an admission of only $3 per person. An excellent place to spend a few hot summer afternoons.

August 11th 35th Annual Les Cheneaux Islands Antique Wooden Boat Show

Hessel Marina – Hessel, MI

This classic boat show located in the Les Cheneaux Islands attracts entries from as far as California and Florida. You will find rowboats, canoes, sailboats, runabouts, large cruisers and more. While you’re there you can enjoy the festival of arts featuring portraits, photos, textiles, jewelry and wooden toys.

August 17th – 19th Antique Raceboat Regatta

Antique Boat Museum – Clayton, New York

The Antique Raceboat Regatta held each year in Clayton, New York is the largest vintage racing event in the country. This event brings together some of the biggest names in racing and some of the most famous boats of all time. This summer will be the 20th anniversary of the event and it will draw a huge crowd. After the regatta is over there will be an auction where you can bid on racing equipment and memorabilia. If you are a boat racing enthusiast this is a must see.

August 18th & 19th Classic Boat Show

Hudson River Maritime Museum – Kingston, New York

The 28th annual antique and classic boat show is held on Rondout Creek. The two-day event is hosted by the Hudson River Maritime Museum and continues to be a hit with locals and vacationers alike.

August 18th & 19th Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show

Port of Toledo – Toledo, Oregon

This is the 8th Wooden Boat Show held in Toledo Oregon features an old-fashioned festival by the water with live music, food, boat races and river cruises. It’s a perfect place to enjoy an ice cream cone with your family as you admire the craftsmanship of the vintage boats.

August 23rd – 26th Michigan City In-Water Boat Show

Washington Park Marina – Michigan City, Indiana

If you’re looking for a large, unique event this may be just the ticket. The Michigan City in-water boat show is one of the largest and longest running events in the great lakes area, but you won’t miss out on the small town entertainment with Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel in attendance. You can also take a look at the vessels for sale at the brokerage pier and take in the beautiful sailboats at sail pier. If you are seriously considering a vessel that you find on brokerage pier don’t hesitate to give you boat insurance company a call or visit our online boat insurance quote tool to get an idea of what the boat insurance rates would be.

Now you have plenty of ideas for entertaining the whole family this August. So break out the calendar, choose an event and pack your bags, but don’t forget if you’re bringing the boat along on your trip to review your boat insurance policy before you hit the road. If you have any questions about your boat insurance policy please give us a call at 800-748-0224.


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