5 Quick Boat Maintenance Tips

Apr 1, 2017 | Boat Insurance | 8 comments

Ski BoatOne way to avoid mishaps and misadventures (that we as boat insurance specialists hear about all too often) is to take preventative measures.

With this in mind, here are five quick fixes we hope all boaters will undertake to be ready for the upcoming boating season:

1. When you are getting ready for boating season, you have to remember to check your engine. When was the last time you changed the oil and filters? Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for specifics for your particular boat.

2. Before you start the engine, check the health of the batteries. You need to make sure they are clean and corrosion free. Check the connections and that the batteries are well secured as well as recharged. Also, take a look at your transmission fluid levels.

3. Another thing to check is your engine’s cooling system. Consult the manufacturer’s manual and ensure that everything is as it should be (coolant reservoir full, drain cocks closing well, and any couplings on the tubing well tightened).

4. Give your boat a good once over to check for any damage or problems. It’s wise to examine the propeller (because nicks or dents can strain your engine so replace damaged props), the drain plug, and the bilge pump. When in doubt, talk to your favorite marina technician; and while you’re at it, make sure you have a well-equipped marine toolkit and essentials for basic repairs and maintenance.

5. Check over all your safety equipment and make sure everything is in good condition and well stocked. Replace expired fire extinguishers, replace and replenish items in your first aid kit, ensure all your life jackets and personal flotation devices are sufficient and restock your emergency food and beverage provisions. Test your GPS and other communications technology to be certain everything works.

Last but not least, our bonus tip is that you need to review your boat insurance before you head out on the water. Contact our friendly marine specialists at Global Marine Insurance to discuss your options for recreational or commercial boat insurance.


  1. I really appreciate your advice to check the health of the batteries in order to make sure they are clean and corrosion free before starting the boat engine. I am new to sailing, and I realize that there is a lot of to learn before I will do that on my own. I have not even bought a boat yet, but I will soon, and when the spring comes, I will make sure to start practicing as soon as possible!

  2. I appreciate you providing some tips on how to properly maintain your boat such as regularly inspecting it for any potential damage or problem. It is recommended to check your propeller for any nicks and dents as these can cause damage. Also, you may want to consult with a marine technician if you’re not too knowledgeable with how to go about with the mechanical or technical stuff. This way, you would ensure that your boat is always in top condition. I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks.

  3. I like your advice to give your boat a good once over in order to find any damage or problems and talk to a marina technician if you notice any issues. Working with a professional would probably help you get anything fixed that you need to in order to make sure your boat is safe to use. If you don’t have a technician, you’d probably want to look online in order to find a marine service in your area that has the right experience and skills to help with any problems you may have.

  4. Thank you for all the maintenance tips for a boat. My husband and I just bought our first boat a little while ago, and we were wondering what we should do to take care of it. I like your tip about making sure that the batteries are clean and corrosion free. It would be smart to make sure to keep those clean before we start the engine.

  5. The boat of my father needs repairing since there are parts that have been damaged after his brother borrowed it for a day. I have never been that knowledgeable about boats, and I am researching today so that I can also have an idea when I get my own boat someday. It appears that checking the manufacturer’s manual can help you be aware of everything on the boat seems to be working just fine. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Thanks for the advice to check for any damage or problems on a yacht before using it. I neglected to check for any damage and discovered that my yacht’s sail had been all but destroyed. Taking my yacht into a repair shop and then remembering to check for problems for before use after it is fixed will be a few things I’ll do to take care of my boat.

  7. Thank you for suggesting that you should make sure you check your engine’s cooling system before you take your boat out on the lake. My husband just bought a boat but there are some issues with the engine. I’ll have to look into finding a service that deals with boat engines and get this fixed so we can enjoy a summer out of the lake as a family.

  8. It is definitely a good idea to check if your boat’s safety equipment are in good condition and well-stocked. My father and I are planning to go on a fishing trip. As I want to ensure that trip will be safe and we have supplies onboard, I’ll definitely do an inventory a day prior to our trip.

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