40-Ton Whale Collides With Sailboat

If I told you a 40-ton whale leaped out of the ocean and landed on the sail boat of two unsuspecting boaters, you might think this news was far-fetched. Perhaps a story you’d expect from the Great American Novel Moby Dick, but certainly not something that actually happened.

Well, this is exactly what happened to Paloma Werner and her boyfriend Ralph Mothes while sailing off the South African coast near Cape Town. Some speculated that the picture above was somehow altered; however, recently a video of this rare occurrence was released. And to everyone’s amazement the story was confirmed to be true.

As rare as it is for a whale to jump on a ship, it’s even rarer to snap a picture of it, let alone a video! Fortunately no one was injured, and it is suspected that the whale only received minor bruises.

The reality is that these things do happen. And while you may never have a whale land on your deck to say hello, you might find yourself wishing you had boat insurance. If you’re interested in boat insurance coverage or would like a boat insurance quote, contact us and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

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