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Yacht Theft Prevention

Minimize your risk of yacht theft by taking precautions, then ensure you have the best yacht insurance to protect your investment.

Thieves target yachts, not just in the hope that they can steal a vessel, also to get the electronics and other valuables.

When a bold thief scaled a marina’s security gate and targeted an 80-foot yacht in San Diego, other quick-thinking yacht owners prevented his escape. In the process, a few suffered injuries, and the yacht’s owner told reporters that the luxury cruiser sustained at least $50,000 in damages. The incident is a perfect example of why you review your yacht insurance coverage carefully for theft and third-party liability.

While stealing a large marine vessel would be nearly impossible without detection (let alone hiding one). A 60-foot luxury yacht was seized from South Florida years ago and seemingly vanished. Thousands of boats are taken in the sunshine state each year alone.

Here are tips from our yacht insurance specialists to protect yourself from yacht theft:

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  • Secure your yacht when left unattended. Check that you’ve locked every cabinet, drawer, and locker as well as any access points to the cabin.
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition if you’re not at the helm. It’s too easy for a thief to watch and wait – and take advantage of an easy opportunity.
  • Separate your keys. Some security-minded yacht owners recommend keeping your engine keys separate from the keys to the yacht. That way, if you lose them or a thief gets them, no one else will have easy access to both the cabin and the engine.
  • Don’t leave valuables on display. Put jewelry away, close blinds or curtains, or have cabin windows tinted to thwart thieves looking for easy smash and grab opportunities.
  • Record the serial numbers of all electronics (consider etching them with an identifying mark) and take photos of all the valuables onboard. Keep copies at home in case you need to make a police report and yacht insurance claim.
  • Install an onboard security system that includes alarms, motion detectors, lights, and security cameras.
  • Choose a marina that has good lighting, security alarms, and guards.
  • Before you turn in at night, do a security check just as you would at home. Check that all access points are secure and arm your alarm system.
  • Use an anti-theft lock for the outboard motor for your tender or any other personal watercraft onboard. Bright colors or unusual marks will also discourage theft as most thieves want untraceable items they can sell quickly.
  • When storing your yacht, remove any expensive items that you can.

When did you last check your yacht insurance coverage? The yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance will provide a complimentary review of your insurance coverage. Call 800.748.0224 today.

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