Yacht Club Insurance

Yacht clubs work hard to provide myriad services to their membership, making liability concerns extremely unique and varied, and the proper yacht club insurance critical.

Not only do yacht clubs need to consider their own members, but also guests and in many cases members of other yacht clubs with reciprocal privileges through Yachting Clubs of America. Here are just a few risks for consideration:

  • Are you covered if a boat breaks free of its mooring during a storm? What if the member asserts the mooring was defective?
  • What if a visitor falls on the dock and is injured, or if someone at a social event gets sick and says the food wasn’t prepared properly?
  • Would you be able to make a claim if buildings were vandalized with graffiti on a summer night or if fire consumed property or boats moored in the marina?
  • What if there was a problem during one of the many cruises you organize for members during boating season, or during a race?

Yacht clubs, like other private clubs, have many potential legal issues to consider when purchasing insurance through a marine insurance agency. It is imperative, for the success of the business, that your yacht club be properly protected against theft, vandalism, accidents, injuries and more.

As with all insurance policies, it helps to understand the terminology so you are not left underinsured in the event of a tragedy that necessitates making a claim. It’s important that your yacht club have adequate replacement insurance rather than actual cash value, which would subtract depreciation from your claim.

Some things to consider when reviewing your yacht insurance coverage with a marine insurance company include whether the following would need special additional coverage:

  • Dock insurance
  • Flood or wave wash, hurricane or ice damage
  • Club activities and liability for all members, including junior members
  • Fundraising or other special events

Marine protection is important for any boater, and exponentially so for a yacht club. Obtaining yacht club insurance with a reputable and experienced marine insurance agency is wise. When you have to check whether any club members may be named as additional assured, your insurance company should know the answer. Yacht Club insurance policies can cover everything from boats owned by the club, to slips and moorings to liability for club members and guests.

To discuss your yacht club insurance needs, contact the marine insurance experts at Global Marine Insurance at 800-748-0224.

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