Wake Boats – Then & Now

Wake boats have come a long way in the last few decades (don’t worry – our boat insurance coverage has evolved too).

When wakeboarding started in the fabulous fifties, it was born out of the surf culture and that endless craving for more waves. Avid surfers decided to see what would happen if they tied their surfboards to a ski boat.

While the waves in the wake of an old-school ski boat were fun, it wasn’t long before people were innovating to create more of a challenge out on the water. In the eighties, Correct Craft introduced a wakeboard tower. This simple design allowed the tow rope to be attached higher, which in turn allowed for wakeboarders to gain more air off the wake of the boat.

Fast forward to the mid-nineties, and Mastercraft unveiled its V-drive boat. By placing the engine in the back of the craft, the wake size increased dramatically. A few years later, another invention – called the wedge – was designed to ensure the wake produced had less “white wash” for a cleaner wake.

More recently, about 2003, wake boats evolved again when Mastercraft started using a ballast system in a recreational boat. By weighing down the vessel (using a ballast), it pushes up an even bigger wake. Thanks to technological advancements, this is all electronically controlled so everyone on the wake boat can focus on fun instead of filling tanks.

The innovation hasn’t stopped here (so you want your boat insurance policy to keep pace). Wake boats now boast what’s called the perfect pass, which eliminates the need for the boat operator to manually adjust the throttle (which, of course, can be tricky to keep smooth and consistent while driving).

Wakeboards have also adapted from the wooden surfboards used back in the old days to the high-tech materials and sleek designs of today.

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