Global Marine Insurance Agent Terms and Conditions of Use

Agents who use must comply with the following terms and conditions:

Registration Information: Agents must accurately complete the Registration Questionnaire as a broker of Global Marine Insurance Agency. A current copy of your insurance license, E&O declarations page, W-9 and signed Producer Agreement form will be required PRIOR TO BINDING ANY COVERAGE.

Global Marine Insurance Agency reserves the right to decline any agent and/or agency that does not meet our referral source criteria. Furthermore, access to may be discontinued immediately with or without cause.

Login Information: After you have completed the Registration Page you will be able to access with the User Name and Password that you selected. If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, you may click on “Forgot Your Password?”

Billing: Policies provided by may be direct or agency billed depending on the company. We have listed company billing information under the Important Company Information with each quote. If the policy is direct billed the client will receive the invoice direct from the company. However, we are required with some direct bill companies to get 25% of the premium with the application; subsequent billings will be direct to the client.

Other policies are agency billed and will be billed to you from Global Marine Insurance Agency. It is important that you receive prompt payment from your client, as you are responsible for the full payment within 30 days of binding coverage. There are no payment plans available for agency billed policies. Once coverage is bound there are no flat cancellations.

Commissions: Commissions are paid to you only as they are received by Global Marine Insurance Agency. We try to process commissions as quickly as possible, however direct bill commissions may take longer due to the various entities involved. If you have any commission questions please send them to

Correspondence: Except for Direct Notice of Cancellation, all correspondence regarding your client will be sent to you as the servicing agent. It is expected and very important that you communicate any correspondence from us with your client. Due to legal reasons, Direct Notice of Cancellations must be sent directly to the client. A copy will also be sent to you for your file and for follow up with the client.

Credit-Based Insurance Scoring: In connection with this insurance and to offer you an accurate quote, the insurance company may obtain or use a credit-based insurance score as part of the insurance underwriting process. Actuarial studies indicate that an insurance score is a good predictor of future claims, thus enabling the insurer to base their premiums on the actual risk. The information used to develop the insurance score comes from TransUnion or other similar companies. A credit-based insurance score will not impact your credit rating or credit score.

West Virginia residents may request recalculation of your credit-based insurance score once every 12 months.

Missing Information: It is very important that you supply us with any requested information to ensure that your client is covered properly. Even if the information seems insignificant to you or the client, it may make a difference in a claim situation. After we have requested the information, we will follow up once and then approximate action will be taken. This may mean placing the boat on Port Risk, which means no navigation will be allowed, or cancelling the policy.

Named Insured Aged Restrictions: Global Marine Insurance Agency is unable to write any policies in the name of anyone under the age of 21. Youthful operators may be allowed on some policies if they have passed a Boating Safety course and/or have a valid driver’s license. You must notify us if there are any youthful operators.

Permissible Use of It is permissible to use the printed documents in to quote, sell and service your clients. However, it is not permissible to use the system to shop markets if you do not intend to place the business with Global Marine Insurance Agency. If your agency’s sales ratio is not similar to our standards, then your access to will be discontinued.

Quote Accuracy: We have made every effort to make sure our quotes are accurate. However, as the information is reviewed prior to binding coverage, there could be circumstances that dictate a premium or coverage change. Please help us to minimize this by giving complete and accurate information.

Utmost Faith: According to law, you must provide us with truthful and complete information for us to quote the policy, which means the company is basing their quote and coverage on your faithful representation. If you are not completely truthful and there is a claim, insurance companies can void the policy completely and have every right to; if it is proven you were not forthright. For your own protection, please provide us with good, accurate and complete information.

Warranties and Endorsements: All yacht policies contain Warranties and Endorsements that limit or restrict coverage. Furthermore, with every policy there are exclusions and limitations. It is very important that you and your client understand these restrictions. Please take time to review these with your client. We want your client to be an informed buyer, who is aware of the endorsements, exclusions, limitations and warranties.

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