Sailboat Insurance

Imagine open waters with nothing but the sounds of wind and sea. Peaceful solitude is one of the many benefits of sailing. Global Marine Insurance understands the importance of peace of mind by offering extensive coverage options so that you, your passengers, and your sailboat are protected. Your sailboat represents a significant investment in memories aboard your vessel, make sure you can enjoy your time on the water to the fullest and maintain peace of mind with our wide range of coverage options in sailboat insurance.

Common Sailboat Coverage Options

Sailing can take many forms. Be it recreational or racing, commercial or personal, dealership or sailing school, each one draws particular benefits and appeals to certain sailboat enthusiasts. Each boat, however, also carries particular risks. As any sailor will agree, a sailboat features many moving parts with several opportunities for accidents. You never know when there will be rough seas ahead, so taking the time to select sailboat insurance catered to your unique needs is as important as checking the weather forecast before setting sail. Global Marine Insurance offers extensive options in sailboat insurance including, but not limited to:

  • Agreed Value Policies
  • Personal Effects
  • Environmental
  • Medical
  • Towing

Personal Service

With several forms of sailing involving several types of sailboats, it is essential to select a unique blend of coverage types for an optimal level of protection. Global Marine Insurance does not offer “one size fits all” policies. Our team of underwriters will take the time to speak with you to understand your specific needs based on geographic location, equipment, and time of year among other factors for the best coverage combination.

To inquire about our additional types of sailboat insurance coverage, or if you feel that some types may be unnecessary, contact us to speak with your Global Marine Insurance expert or get a sailboat insurance quote today.

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