Common PWC Coverage

There are few activities on the water more enjoyable than spending time on a personal watercraft. A little responsibility before you hit the waves can go a long way. With Global Marine Insurance’s range of PWC coverage options, you can be confident in your maritime investment because after all, you work hard, and you deserve to play hard.

While operating a jet ski can provide for hours of entertainment, there are potential risks involved. PWC insurance coverage acts as a preemptive strike against accident aftermath. Our wide range of PWC insurance coverage options provide you with protection against a number of potential hazards including accidents resulting in damage to your watercraft, docks, other drivers, and yourself or your passengers. Global Marine provides protection for expenses resulting in but not limited to:

  • Damage or theft
  • Medical bills resulting from a covered accident
  • Bodily injury to you or your passengers
  • Towing assistance
  • Protection while on land
  • Damage to crafts and docks
  • Negligence of other drivers

As personal watercrafts become more popular and faster than they have ever been before, commercial and personal jet ski operators are increasingly at risk both on the water and in their wallets for the risks involved. Be proactive and protect your property and passengers with jet ski insurance from Global Marine – after all, fully enjoying your leisure time depends on being free from worry.

Additional Coverage Options

Deciding on the appropriate insurance coverage is a vital component in being a responsible PWC owner or watercraft business owner. For more information on our PWC insurance policies and additional coverage options that may suit you, or if you feel that some of the options may be unnecessary for your needs, speak with your Global Marine Insurance expert by contacting us today.

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