Common Insurance Coverage Options

Spending time on the water can provide several rewards. It can be a time of recreation for a PWC owner, a time of luxury for a yacht owner, or a time of financial gain for anyone involved in commercial marine activities. However with these rewards come several opportunities for potential risk or loss. Global Marine Insurance offers an extensive array of insurance and boat coverage options to ensure that your property, inventory, and personnel are fully covered.

Our extensive personal and commercial insurance includes several common types of coverage options such as bodily injury, property damage, towing, medical payments, and fuel spill liability. Whether your vessel is for private or commercial use, the experts at our award winning boat insurance agency tailor your coverage towards your particular maritime activity or profession.

Global Marine Insurance Agency offers numerous boat insurance coverage options for:

Personal Service

We don’t rely on “one size fits all” policies. Our team of expert underwriters will speak with you directly to better understand your needs and requirements to compile a customized combination of coverage options to ensure you have the highest level of protection. Speak with your Global Marine Insurance expert or contact us today to find out more about how you can receive this individualized approach to boat insurance coverage.

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