Commercial Marine Insurance Coverage

There is certainly something to be said for making your living on the open water. Whether you are the captain of a charter boat or you rent out power boats, your livelihood depends on the protection of your vessels. Global Marine Insurance offers an extensive amount of coverage options for commercial marine insurance. Cookie cutter insurance policies will leave several vessels at risk. Our experts will provide you and your livelihood with the optimal combination of coverage types to allow you to tackle the open water with a renewed passion.

Being involved in maritime related industries presents several opportunities for captains and business owners, but it also carries an elevated exposure to risk compared to boat owners for personal use. There is increased liability, as well as a business, dependant on your vessels. Part of smart business is being proactive. By selecting an individualized coverage plan, you can operate your business with the peace of mind you deserve. Common commercial marine insurance coverage options include but are not limited to:

Personal Service

The expert underwriters at Global Marine Insurance offer extensive knowledge in commercial boat insurance to provide for you the most effective coverage options for your unique vessel, needs, equipment, and industry. We will speak with you in person to discuss additional coverage options and work with you to form a personalized blend of commercial marine insurance coverage. Speak with your Global Marine Insurance expert or contact us today for more information.

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