Boat Insurance Coverage

Your time on the water should be a time free from worry. By protecting yourself, your property, and your passengers, you can enjoy the time on your vessel to the fullest. Global Marine Insurance provides many types of standard boat insurance coverage to assist you in that goal. Whether it is the loss of personal effects, damage to another property, or your vessel simply needs a tow, you and your vessel will be covered through a combination of our boat insurance policies.

Common Coverage Options

There is no time like the present to protect your vessel and your passengers. Boat insurance quotes typically include a wide range of coverage to help protect all aspects of your time on your vessel. Rather than paying the cash value of your vessel at the time of the claim, our Agreed Value coverage pays the full value of the vessel without the factors of deprecation included, ensuring that there are no surprises or suspense following your claim.

Medical coverage is also included in our policies to provide relief from medical expenses arising from injuries sustained involving your vessel. We also take measures in the event of a sudden accident such as a fuel spill to aid you in what could be an expensive cleanup.

Coverage includes but it not limited to:

  • Hull coverage
  • Boat Liability
  • Towing
  • Bodily Injury

Additional Coverage

Insurance coverage for boats should be tailored for each individual and their vessel. To find out what additional coverage options are available or if you feel that a particular type of coverage is unnecessary, take a moment to speak with your Global Marine Insurance expert about boat insurance quotes, or contact us today.

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