Boat Dealer Insurance Coverage

Becoming a boat dealer is a thrilling adventure into a potentially lucrative industry. Being in the business of beautiful vessels and connecting a customer with the open water can be a very rewarding experience. Part of good business is protecting yourself, your business, and your inventory from liability by being proactive with your selection of insurance coverage.

Global Marine Insurance understands the importance of keeping your property protected, and our team of experts is dedicated to work with you towards creating an individualized mixture of boat dealer insurance coverage so that you can enjoy the vessel dealing business to its fullest.

While exciting, the business of being a boat dealer carries with it some exposure to risk and potential losses. Fully protecting your property, your inventory, and your personnel is critical to the health and future of your business. Accidents in the workplace, damage to inventory, or damage to your property are among the several risks associated with the boat dealing industry. Global Marine Insurance offers a wide range of boat dealer insurance and coverage options including but not limited to:

  • Dealership Inventory
  • Yacht Brokers Package Policy
  • Workers Compensation
  • Ship Repairers Legal Liability
  • Protection & Indemnity
  • Electronic/Data/Processing Coverage

Personal Services

Creating an individualized combination of boat dealer insurance programs provides you and your business with the tools necessary for a full and effective protection of your assets. Our underwriters will speak with you directly to assess your unique needs and requirements for a fully comprehensive protection plan. Hear from one of our Global Marine Insurance experts or contact us to find out more information on additional liability coverage packages available or to inquire about your specific needs.

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