Spring Boating Checklist

It’s almost Spring. Getting ready to go out on the water means more than just de-winterizing your boat and reviewing your boat insurance. Here’s a helpful list of some tasks on your to-do list. If you plan to employ the help of a professional make sure to plan ahead, the growing popularity of boating has created a lot of demand for the marine service industry.

  • Boat Prep: either you or a trusted maintenance professional should complete the following:
    • Fluids replaced as mandated by the owner’s manual
    • Wipers checked and replaced if needed
    • Complete boat inspection (including the engine)
    • Detailed cleaning – a great way to identify any concerns
    • Electronics test
    • Safety equipment – replace batteries and check the condition
  • Boat Insurance Coverage: review your boat or boat insurance to ensure that you have enough coverage. For example:
        • Does your policy provide agreed value coverage?
        • Have you updated your policy to reflect any updates to the boat? For example, a new stereo system, electronics, or engine upgrade.
        • If you will be trailering your boat, do you have ample coverage while your boat is on the trailer?
  • New Operators: Do you have a new driver in your home this year? Before you put new operators at the helm, make sure they are comfortable with the boat. Seriously consider enrolling them in a boating class.
  • Safety:
    • Education: Spring is an excellent time of year to review boating safety with your family, including rescue basics, signs of drowning, what to do in the event of an accident, and general boating protocol.
    • Unfamiliar waters: Know the water in which you will be boating.
      • If water temperatures are cold, do you have an extra set of dry clothes?
      • Is the area known for floating debris or sandbars?
      • Are your boating charts updated?

Completing your spring boating checklist will leave you confident and better prepared to have a great time out on the water. Take the time to run through the tasks and address any relevant to you. In the long run, it’s well worth the effort. Click here for a quick boat insurance quote.

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