Seattle Boating

Seattle’s location within a maze of waterways in the Pacific Northwest is ideal for boating adventures. Whether cruising the straits outside the city, heading south down the United States’ western shoreline, or venturing north along British Columbia, any number of memorable voyages begin in Seattle.

No matter where you navigate, comprehensive boat and yacht insurance will become your indispensable ally on the water. With knowledgeable professionals in the Seattle area, Global Marine employs fellow hobbyists that share your passion for boating. From yacht insurance to boat insurance, and everything in between, trust our expertise to fuel your boating enthusiasm. Get an online quote today!

Notable Boat & Yacht Destinations

Elegantly poised on the Pacific Ocean, Seattle’s unique location is not to be taken for granted. With popular yachting destinations locally and abroad, it’s important to safeguard your property. Global Marine understands the unique considerations of owning a larger vessel, and we strive to provide yacht insurance to Seattle boaters so they can leave their concerns behind and enjoy the open water.

Secure boat insurance today, and start navigating the pristine marine locales of Seattle, including:

  • Puget Sound
  • South Puget Sound
  • Hood Canal
  • Friday Harbor

Local Seattle marines include:

  • Shilshole Bay Marina
  • Elliot Bay Marina
  • Oak Harbor Marina
  • Port of Anacortes Cap, Sante Boat Haven

San Juan Island Voyages

One of the greatest draws of boating the Pacific Northwest is navigating the San Juan Islands just outside Seattle. With an overwhelming number of scenic islands and history, boating through the San Juan Islands presents several opportunities for memorable voyages. From popular activities such as sea kayaking to catching a glimpse of the Orca whales at one of the most famous whale-watching locations in the world, spending a day on the water has never been more rewarding.

Yacht Insurance with Global Marine

Cruising the picturesque San Juan Islands, heading north to Vancouver, or visiting the popular waterways near Seattle – enjoy the freedom of your watercraft to the fullest. Freedom on the water includes having freedom of mind that comes with dependable yacht insurance. Explore the Pacific, relax on your favorite lake, and ease your mind – all with the help of yacht insurance from Global Marine.

Before purchasing insurance for your boat, yacht, watercraft, or marina – request a quote from Global Marine. For more information on obtaining boat insurance in Seattle, contact:

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