Houseboat & Real Estate Insurance

The escape and enterprise of a real estate vessel transforms your time on the water into a maritime odyssey. Unfortunately, not many boat insurance companies share your spirit, but at Global Marine Insurance, we aren’t afraid to get our feet wet. Global Marine helps your entrepreneurial houseboat rental or dealership by offering you an insurance policy tailored to your commercial boat insurance needs.

The experienced underwriters at Global Marine cement our place as one of the leading boat insurance companies in the industry. Receive a boat insurance quote online, and then we’ll supply liability coverage for your rental business, charter, or dealership that may include:

Rental Business Insurance Features

  • Watercraft Liability – Covers bodily injury and property damage, and can be purchased in various amount depending on the size and scale of your rental operation
  • Premises Liability – Available upon purchase of Watercraft Liability and designates a physical area where additional liability coverage is granted for your rental property
  • Hull Coverage – Comprehensive, collision coverage that’s optional and includes hulls, engines, machinery, and equipment on your rentals

Your Houseboat Insurance Home

Whether houseboat sales or rentals, we’ll cover your legal liability, as well as provide economic safeguards in the event of damages or theft. To experience quality boat insurance and indemnity, start with a boat insurance online quote by Global Marine.

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