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PWC Rental Insurance

At Global Marine Insurance Agency, we understand that while all commercial marine businesses face an increased level of exposure, every business has unique coverage needs that need to be met. For personal watercraft (PWC) rental companies, specific insurance coverage options are needed to ensure that the business and its customers have the right level of coverage to protect both parties.

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Because rental operations must meet strict guidelines, we ask that you also submit your rental agreement, checkout procedures and the appropriate completed application below to us when requesting a PWC insurance quote.

Determine Your Level of Exposure

When determining the amount of commercial marine insurance coverage needed for your PWC rental business, it’s important to consider the different, unique situation your business and clientele will and might be exposed to. Hull Coverage is an essential piece of almost every insurance policy for PWC rental operations because it’s important to protect your investment in the event that physical damage is sustained to one or more of the jet skis you own and rent. Watercraft insurance is also a necessity to help protect your business against potential property damage or bodily injuries sustained while a customer is operating one of your PWCs.

Other PWC insurance coverage options such as Premises Liability can also be included in a commercial marine insurance policy for a rental operation in order to help insure against the frequent arrival and departure of customers from your business. Guarding against claims that might arise from the ownership, maintenance or use of your property is an important factor in proper coverage for rental operations.

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