Preparing for Boating

yachtBoating season seems to have arrived a little late for those of us in northern climates and if you haven’t already it’s time to get your boat or yacht ready for the water.

At Global Marine Insurance, we love knowing that all our valued clients are fully prepared for heading out on the water as being ready minimizes risk. And who needs to worry when having fun?

Whether you are hands-on and like to oversee everything on your yacht personally or your crew will be taking charge, here are tips for what needs to be done to get your yacht ready for spring and boating season:

Conduct a visual inspection. Walk around and inspect for any damage, mold or mildew, and note any repairs or deficiencies you see at a glance.

Check the engine. Now is the time for a spring tune-up. Check the oil (out-drive as well) and change it now if it wasn’t done in the fall. Test the battery to confirm it is fine, make certain the cooling system is filled, and change the fuel filter if necessary. Examine the fuel lines and cooling system hoses for cracks (if there are any, you will have to replace them) and make sure the strainer for the cooling system has been emptied. Check the distributor for corrosion and all of the boat’s belts for wear. If a belt is worn out, it will be loose and may have black soot near the pulley.

Inspect the gas tank. Check for moisture in the gas tank. If the tank is full, there shouldn’t be any, but don’t assume everything is fine. If there are any leaks in the gas tank, there could be moisture; and it’s best to know now.

Put safety first. Take an inventory of safety equipment on board and examine everything for signs of wear or damage. There should be a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD) for each crew member and passenger on your yacht as well as ample first aid kits, working flashlights, and other essential safety items such as emergency food rations and drinking water. Call your yacht insurance company to ensure your coverage is adequate for your vessel and use.

Clean and shine. It’s spring cleaning time! Wash and wax your yacht, get brass and glass gleaming, and clean upholstery so that everything is ship-shape for life on the water.

Enjoy the summer!

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