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MEDIA RELEASE   |  JUNE 15, 2016

Global Marine Insurance Traverse City office expands again

Michigan company focuses on specialized insurance solutions for boaters

Amanda WetzelTRAVERSE CITY, MI – Global Marine Insurance is pleased to announce that Amanda Wetzel has joined their team as a Commercial Marine Customer Service Representative.

Amanda, a Michigan native and self-described Great Lakes enthusiast, spent many of her summers growing up exploring the lakes and learning about their history with her family. She moved to Traverse City after completing her Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation at Eastern Michigan University.

“My goal is to make sure your commercial policy is completed in a timely manner and satisfies all your commercial marine needs,” explains Amanda.

When she’s not working, Amanda spends much of her free time in the great outdoors. She enjoys fishing, kayaking, hiking, and touring beautiful destinations in Northern Michigan.

Global Marine Insurance provides specialized insurance solutions for marine businesses, working with top-rated carriers and adhering to the highest standards. They understand the importance of getting you into the right policy. Clients receive prompt service, expert advice and peace of mind.

Global Marine Insurance currently employs more than 30 specialists across the US with remote offices in Norfolk, Virginia; Miami, Florida; Seattle, Washington; and Dallas, Texas.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Media interested in more information are welcome to contact Erica Buck by phone at 800-748-0224 or email Website:



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