New Florida Mega Yacht Marina

florida mega yacht marinaThis past February, the owner of an older marina on the Miami River – now shabby in its older years – proposed an extraordinary facelift for the property. Homero Meruelo wants to redevelop his marina to accommodate up to 16 massive yachts known as “mega-yachts”.

Meruelo brought representatives from his architectural and engineering firms to present his new vision for the river waterfront to the Miami River Commission’s Urban Infill Working Group & Greenways subcommittee.  It seems the sub-committee members were impressed enough by the proposed Miami Mega Yacht Marina to recommend the commission review the proposal.

If approved, the refurbished Brisas del Rio Marina will be unrecognizable upon completion. The site has housed a marina since at least the time of the Second World War. It is a hodgepodge of buildings dating back several decades with a boatyard that has licensing for 45 slips.

Should Meruelo get the green light, his New Mega Yacht Marina will have spacious room to moor 16 mega yachts (usually around 200 feet long). The slips will be covered and will include room for the captain and crew, safe and secure indoor storage, and of course indoor parking for vehicles.

The plans account for offices, a warehouse, a vault and space for either mechanical repairs or recreation. Naturally, a Mega Yacht Marina design includes a member clubhouse complete with dining facilities, a spa, swimming pool, and more.

Supporters of Meruelo and his project are quick to highlight the job creation that will occur, as well as the beneficial impact on other businesses along the river. As a matter of course, marinas provide an economic boost to a host of related enterprises from area restaurants, grocery stores, and shops to yacht insurance companies.

With the advent of the mega yacht, there is a need for marinas that are able to accommodate large luxury vessels. A demand exists in Miami to dock mega yachts, and the developer is confident his project will lure owners to the Miami River.

Most interestingly, although the American economy has been beleaguered in recent years, it seems that the mega yacht business has been booming. In 1997, there were fewer than 1,000 in Florida, while by 2006 the number rose to 1,500–and the figures continue to grow, generating millions of dollars for the local economy.

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