MSO & Yacht Insurance

yachtThe Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin or MSO is a document that comes with the purchase of a new boat.  It contains the vessel’s hull identification number or HIN, engine serial number, and when the boat was built and transferred to the retail dealer for resale purposes.  Most states require owners to provide a MSO in order to register and title new boats and outboard motors and previously untitled boats.  This documents acts as a title and often proves essential for registering boats, motors, and trailers with the appropriate agencies and securing yacht insurance.

A boat MSO is designed for state level usage; it serves the same purpose as an initial title document so sellers must provide buyers either a MSO or title in their name.  Buyers should exercise caution when taking a MSO at face value since it is common for the stated HIN to not match the one actually on the boat.  Matching HINs are necessary for filing proper yacht insurance claims.  A MSO is required proof of ownership for all new boats, whereas previous registration, a title, or MSO can provide proof of ownership for used boats.

Customers purchasing new boats from dealerships should obtain the MSO when taking delivery of their vessel in order to take proper legal ownership and begin the registration process.  They can then use it to obtain the title from their state entity.  However, if customers finance their boat purchase, the MSO is forwarded to the lender via the finance company or dealership.  The lender typically holds the title and MSO as the legal lien holder until the boat loan is paid in full.

Without a MSO, an owner may be unable to register and title their new boat.  If a MSO is missing or if the HIN is not clearly typed out, some government agencies will require a boat inspection.  Owners may also experience some trouble meeting yacht insurance requirements.  Insurance companies need to know boat specifics prior to insuring them.  They may request information such as the type, value, year, make, model, length, horsepower, type and number of engines, hull consistency, and any known modifications of the boat.

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