Global Marine Insurance: Warm Winter Boating Destinations

Are you looking for a sunny and warm escape for you and your boat from the harsh cold winter? Then, you need to consider a subtropical or tropical winter boating vacation. Before traveling, you should check with your boat insurance company to ensure proper coverage in case your vessel sustains any damage during transit. Also, check your boat insurance policy for any winter lay-up periods that could result in a lack of coverage if you choose to navigate your boat in the winter months. Once you are prepared for travel with your boat, consider some of the following destinations.

Miami, Florida offers a visitor subtropical weather and a pleasant escape from winter blues with average high temperatures in the mid and upper 70s. On occasion, Miami does experience light freezes whereas Key West, Florida is the only frost-free city in the continental U.S. with a record low of only 41 degrees. During winter, Key West hosts temperature highs in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 60s. With little to zero risk of hurricanes or tropical storms in the winter and miles of sand, this destination is quite popular among winter boaters.

Known for possessing one of the world’s best climates, San Diego, California provides numerous boating options with average highs of 66 degrees and average lows of 50 degrees in the winter. For those seeking a warmer and drier atmosphere than the coastal region, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and Rancho Mirage offer its visitors average highs in the 70s and low 80s. Part of the “Inland Empire”, this section of California contains 46 lakes for plenty of boating fun.

Phoenix, Arizona’s largest city cools down quite nicely in the winter so you can enjoy boating at Lake Pleasant with averages highs about 70 degrees and lows in the mid to high 40s. However, if you find that weather still a little too cool for your preference, you can travel southwest down to Yuma, Arizona where average winter highs range from 67 to 77 degrees. Here you can enjoy many boating activities along the Colorado River at the sunniest place on Earth, where the sun shines 94% of the year.

Regardless of where you take your family for a winter getaway, make sure your boat insurance coverage will be in full effect once you reach your vacation destination. You are not likely to experience any problems when traveling inside the United States, but it may pose a concern if you enter any international waters with your boat. Also, make sure you check the weather forecast before going on your boating vacation in case your intended destination experiences any rare cold temperatures and spoils your fun.

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