Marina & Harbor Insurance

While many marina owners or boat harbor operators understand a great deal about the insurance coverage needs of individual watercrafts, it’s also important to consider the types of coverage needed for full protection of their properties. The level of exposure that marinas and boat harbors face is often higher due to the fact that they are handling a number of boats at once in addition to their own property. From protection for the storage of boats to fire protection and premises liability, making sure your marina or harbor insurance policy includes the right coverage for your needs is critical.

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Specialized Marina & Harbor Insurance Packages

When you partner with Global Marine to handle your marina and harbor insurance requirements, you can be confident that you’ll have the coverage you need at the best possible price. Our marine insurance experts have years of experience developing specialized harbor and marina insurance packages that are tailored to the unique needs of these types of businesses.

In order to make sure you are receiving the correct coverage, it’s important to understand your level of exposure. Marina Operators Legal Liability (MOLL) is an essential part of marina policies as it provides businesses with coverage for their legal liability for boat and related property in their care or custody. Storage coverage is also often an integral part of any marina or harbor insurance policy in order to provide protection from damages sustained as a result of damage during boat removal, incorrect winterizing, fire damage, and other incidents that have the potential to occur during the course of storage.

Insurance coverage options are also available for protection against incidents that involve docks, fueling, workers compensation and a wide variety of other situations. Make sure your business is protected with harbor and marina insurance from Global Marine.

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