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Labor Day Boating

Celebrating Labor Day on the water is a given for boating enthusiasts (like our yacht insurance specialists). Americans use this long weekend, as a chance to offer gratitude to earlier generations for the eight-hour-workday movement and other benefits we take for granted. It’s also an opportunity to say farewell to summer and have one last celebration before the children go back to school.

Here are our top five ways to celebrate the Labor Day weekend on the water:

Share your love of boating with loved ones: Invite some friends and family to join you on your boat or encourage them to rent a boat and join you out on the water. Plan by checking the maximum capacity of your vessel, so you do not unknowingly exceed it. Then make sure you have enough life jackets for each guest you may have on board. Remember kids have special sizes and grow fast so grab a few spare kid jackets if you have them.

Plan activities for everyone to enjoy: With a bit of preparation before you leave, you can enjoy a variety of activities on the water. You might want to spend time fishing, tubing or doing other water sports, or perhaps even an excursion to go camping from your boat.

Organized activities for Labor Day boaters: Regattas, boat parties, and boat parades are popular on Labor Day. Fishing tournaments and Poker Runs are also fun options. Make this Labor Day an adventure by trying something new. Check out the activities in your area.

Watch the fireworks from your boat: Waterside cities across the country set off fireworks displays to celebrate Labor Day. Your boat can be a great way to enjoy the show. Bring blankets, snacks, and make sure you in a safe area far from any possible debris.

Rest and relax: Slow down, forget about work, and spend the long weekend with those you love. Turn off your cell phone and enjoy the holiday.

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