Writing policies for businesses engaged in the water sports industry requires insurance brokers who understand all the elements of this growing industry in America.

We are familiar with the water sports industry and bring with us expertise in creating competitive, comprehensive coverage plans that will work for your unique business. Our ability to understand and anticipate the concerns and specialized coverage required for your water sports business will help to ensure that your hard work building your business will not be in vain.

Our specialties include:

  • Waterski and wakeboard
  • Cable parks
  • Private lake liability insurance
  • Multi-use water sports facilities
  • Resort parks
  • Recreational watersports charter

No matter what your niche in the fast-growing business of water sports, our insurance professionals can help you create a custom-designed plan to suit your unique needs. Our products include:

  • Commercial general liability / watersports liability / watercraft liability
  • Property coverage
  • Hull coverage
  • Business interruption
  • Commercial auto bumper short
  • Tools & Equipment

Rather than accept a blanket policy and hope it fits your business, let our insurance professionals meet with you to design a comprehensive policy that ensures your business is given the best protection suited to your water sports company.




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