Insurance Types

Whether you own a mega yacht or a small bass boat, insurance coverage from Global Marine Insurance Agency keeps your watercraft protected. Our marine insurance experts will work with you to find the best policy for the best price. So get an online quote today, then get out on the water.

Yacht Insurance

When you’ve invested in a yacht or mega yacht, insurance is key to providing the peace of mind that will allow you to fully enjoy your vessel. Our yacht insurance experts have a combined 75 years of experience in insuring marine vessels, and are dedicated to finding you the right amount of coverage at the lowest possible price. To learn more about our large vessel coverage, visit our Yacht Insurance overview page.

Boat Insurance

At Global Marine, all we do is boat insurance. Avid boaters ourselves, we love serving the boating community, and are proud to provide policies that protect our clients, their families, and their vessels. Find out more about insuring your boat and the different types of coverage. Let us help you find the coverage that will suit your needs, then relax and enjoy your boat.


Sailing is more than simple recreation: it’s a way of life. Catching a good wind and gliding through the open water is one of life’s most sublime pleasures, one that shouldn’t be interrupted by concerns about your sailboat. Our experienced underwriters can help you find a tailored policy that will keep you and your craft protected. Visit our overview page to learn more about our Sailboat insurance.


Jet skis and waverunners are often a person’s introduction to the boating world, and in many cases the first watercraft operated on one’s own. While the purchase price may be relatively small, they’re certainly not inexpensive. Our personal watercraft (PWC) insurance provides the coverage to protect your investment and let you and your family have fun. Learn more about our PWC insurance, then hit those waves.

Commercial Marine

Making a living while working on or near the water can be a boat lover’s dream, but it brings with it certain responsibilities. Marine businesses require specific types of coverage, so we offer commercial marine insurance tailored to suit a wide variety of exposures. From marine liability insurance to charter boat insurance, we’ll keep you covered so you can focus on your business. Visit our overview page to learn about the various types of Commercial Marine insurance we provide.

Marina and Dealer Inventory

Marina and boat dealers require comprehensive coverage from providers that understand their levels of exposure based on the size of their inventory. Global Marine Insurance Agency offers customized packages for marina and boat dealers that include important coverages such as Commercial General Liability, Dealer Inventory, and much more. For a complete list of coverages, visit our Marina and Dealer Inventory overview page.

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