Global Marine Insurance: Jet Skiers— Start Your Engines! [Videos]

Ladies and gentlemen— jet ski season is almost here! And to get your engines revved, we have scoured YouTube for our favorite jet ski/ personal watercraft/ Seadoo videos. Whatever you call your ride, one thing’s for sure, jet  skis are a blast!

Quadski – ATV and Jet Ski In One!

While I’m not exactly sure how one would classify the personal watercraft insurance for this creation, I can see this hybrid being very convenient in certain situations.

Jet Ski Surf

Here’s a short video of some jet skiers taking full advantage of the beautiful surf. Check out the camera angles towards the end. This video puts you right in the driver’s seat!

Jet Ski Double Backflip

This is just incredible to watch— a double backflip on a jet ski! A new goal for you this summer perhaps :)?

How It’s Made— Personal Watercraft

If you’re a “How it’s Made” geek like me, you’ll love this next video. They piece together a jet ski, and explain the process step-by-step. Very interesting!

Jet Ski Safety

Jet skis are one of the most exciting rides on the water, but unfortunately many get injured every year due to careless maneuvering. This video covers some safety tips that will help you remain safe on the water.

Protect yourself by driving safe and following the suggestions in the video above. But don’t forget to also protect yourself with jet ski insurance from Global Marine Insurance.

Are you as excited about jet skiing this summer as we are? Let us know what you think about these videos, or anything jet ski related,  in the comments below!

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