Q. How can I save money on my boat insurance?

A. Making sure your boat insurance policy fits your boating needs is the most important first step. After finding appropriate coverage for your vessel, there are several steps you can take that can potentially influence the cost of your boat insurance premium.

  • Navigational Territory: The time of year and waters where you will be using your boat often play a part in deciding how much you will pay. Boat insurance rates in coastal waters, especially if exposed to the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms, will be higher than rates for vessels using inland lakes and rivers.
  • Boater Safety Education: Most marine insurance companies provide a credit for individuals that have taken and passed a boating safety course from the US Coast Guard or US Power Squadron.
  • Good Driving Record: A clean driving record, with no recent moving violations, often will help an owner receive premium discounts due to their proven ability to operate vehicles in a safe manner.
  • Liability Limits: The higher your liability limit, the higher the premium. Selecting a policy with a liability limit that makes you comfortable and also covers what you plan to do with your boat will help keep costs manageable. Please refer to the question on Selecting Liability Limits to determine the appropriate coverage for your needs.
  • Deductible: You can reduce your premium by raising your deductible and sharing in the exposed risk. It is important to consider your financial position, in the event of a loss, before agreeing to this option.

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