Global Marine Insurance: Do Your Part to Protect Your Vessel this Winter

Fall weather is in full effect which means that for most of us winter is looming on the horizon. Before the colder weather starts to settle in, boat owners should make sure that their vessel is properly prepared for the winter season. Many insurance carriers list ice and freezing as an exclusion on boat and yacht policies. However, if you read the exclusion you may find that your insurance carrier will consider it a covered loss if you follow their guidelines. This exclusion can be found under the physical damage section of your policy document. Common guidelines could be something similar to a request to provide a contract that shows proper winterization maintenance or a requirement to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and the customs of the area.

To make sure your vessel is properly covered review the following tips on winterization and always check with your agent on specific requirements for your carrier.

1. Check your policy to see if you can do the work yourself or if another party is required.

2. Get an estimate on winterization maintenance at nearby marinas.

3. Take a look over your owner’s manual on how your specific vessel and engines should be decommissioned.

4. Winterization Checklists can be found on reputable sites such as Trade Only Today at:

5. Read over the list of winterization don’ts at:

6. Find out how your vessel should be shrink wrapped at:

In order to best protect yourself and your vessel, always check with your insurance specialists and read your policy before beginning any winter maintenance. You can reach Global Marine insurance experts at 800.748.0224.

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