Center Console Boat Advantages

Center console boats are growing in popularity. Our boat insurance specialists will tell you that it’s not just in Florida as you may have thought. More and more people are discovering that they like the layout of a boat with a center console. And it’s more than just appearances that have boaters outside the Sunshine State choosing them over traditional side console boats.

Here are some of the advantages that make a center console boat attractive:

Unobstructed view: Anyone piloting a center console boat raves about the visibility. This is not to say that other kinds of boats don’t have good visibility, but the raised center console is undeniably wise when you have to stay watchful of passengers on board and surrounding traffic. Florida boaters have already discovered, and our boat insurance specialists will agree the added visibility adds to your boating experience and safety.

Open space: If you want a recreational boat that will have room for a family member or friend who uses a wheelchair or other supports, ample deck space on a center console boat is ideal.

Family-friendly: center console boats are perfect for people of all ages and abilities (but don’t forget to distribute the weight evenly to stay balanced!). Bonus: There’s even room for baby or kid essentials.

Storage: Center console boats often boast very generous storage areas that easily accessed on all sides. Not only is this practical and convenient, but it helps to minimize the risk of accidents because you can safely stow gear and supplies when they’re not needed.

Access to all sides: The center console leaves a lot of deck space around the entire boat, not only for gear and supplies but also to move around quickly from bow to stern from side to side. Anglers and divers alike seem to appreciate being able to access any area of the boat safely and swiftly.

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  1. My hubby is thinking of buying a boat, and he isn’t sure if a center console boat will be perfect for us. It’s good that you mentioned in this article how this type of boat has an unobstructed view because of its raised center console. I’ll be sure to share this with him as it looks perfect for our family who wants visibility added to the experience. Thanks!

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