Yacht Insurance Companies VS Agencies

As long as you have yacht insurance coverage, does it matter if you work with a yacht insurance company or a yacht insurance agency?

It does if you want the best coverage at the most competitive rates for your yacht.

Perhaps the best comparison to this choice is whether you’d get a better mortgage rate from your bank or going to a mortgage broker who works with many different lenders.

Agents at a yacht insurance company have to promote the coverage that their brand offers, while agents at a yacht insurance agency work with a variety of top-rated insurance carriers. The goal of a yacht insurance agency specialist is to find the best coverage available (at the best price), and their only obligation is to the client.

Global Marine Insurance Agency is a leading marine insurance agency that has served yacht owners since 1989. We work with major insurance carriers to offer a wide variety of marine insurance coverage, ranging from boat or personal watercraft to yacht and commercial marine insurance policies.

Our agency is licensed in all 50 states, plus we offer insurance policies worldwide through surplus carriers. We understand all aspects of marine risk, from manufacturing, marinas, and boat builders to dealers and boating enthusiasts.

When you work with our agency, we have no obligation to select a single yacht insurance company. Instead, we can shop the insurance market to find the very best insurance premium options for you. Competition for your business enables our yacht insurance agency to serve your interests first!

All of us are boating enthusiasts. We not only work with the top marine, boating, and yacht insurance companies, but we stay abreast of market trends and client needs. We can help you assess your risk and liability so that your insurance coverage is not just adequate, but superior.

Ready to see how an agency is different than a yacht insurance company? Contact the yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to review your coverage needs.

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