Cruising Sailboats

Cruising sailboats can be anywhere from 16′ to over 30′ in length designed to give sailors not only a means to arrive at a destination, but also a place to stay once they get there. These boats have comfortable living spaces with cooking areas, plumbing and sleeping accommodations.

Racing Sailboats

Racing sailboats can vary in size, but they’re all built with a common goal – speed. Cutting edge technology and engineered hydrodynamics make racing sailboats the fastest wind-powered vessels on the water. To reduce weight and maximize efficiency, these boats often lack the creature comforts of cruising sailboats. Racing is a high risk enterprise, it is important to secure yourself with the appropriate coverage .


A daysailer, or dayboat, is a small sailboat that may or may not have sleeping accommodations, but which is larger than a dinghy. Sailors in these boats are often out for a day or weekend long sailing trip. Daysailers can be monohull or multihull, and are typically trailer-able. Many daysailers have a small cabin for storage and to provide a shelter or sleeping area.

Being boaters ourselves, we take pride in our ability to customize sailboat insurance policies that best fit our wide array of customers. Whether you’re a day sailor, retired cruiser, or operate a sailing school, we’ve got you covered from stern to stern. Get an online sailboat insurance quote today and then hit the water and set sail.

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