Commercial Boats

Utility Vessels

A utility vessel refers to any boat used for business purposes. Typically, utility vessels are used for construction, bridge inspections, production, offshore maintenance and marine transportation, but could be used for many other jobs as well.

Charter Boats

A charter boat refers to a sailboat or motor yacht that can be rented, or chartered, for the purposes of fishing, cruising, or vacationing. Typically, when a vessel is hired for a charter fee by an individual or a group of individuals it is not available for hire to any other individual or group of individuals during the period of the charter.


An airboat, also known as a fan boat, is a flat-bottomed vessel propelled by an aircraft-type propeller and powered by either an aircraft or automotive engine. Airboats are a very popular means of transportation in the American swamplands and everglades. They are commonly used for fishing, hunting, and law enforcement in marshy or shallow areas where a standard inboard or outboard engine with a submerged propeller would be impractical.


Houseboats, or real estate vessels, are designed to offer lake house living on the water, built in a wide selection of sizes and styles, and can be customized to personal tastes. They will typically have spacious floor plans and modern amenities for entertaining, dining and sleeping. Houseboats are made for relaxing cruises, weekend getaways, and even permanent homes. These boats can be utilized on rivers, lakes and coastal waterways.

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