Global Marine Insurance: Top Boating Destinations Part 2

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There are so many fantastic boating vacation destinations we couldn’t possibly mention them all in one article so we have decided to create a short series so that we can share all of our favorites with you. If you missed the first list you can find it here Top Boating Destinations, otherwise keep reading and start planning your next boating adventure.

Lake Tahoe

We can’t talk about boating destinations without mentioning Lake Tahoe. This stunning body of water lies between the California and Nevada border. It was carved out by the glaciers a couple of million years ago, and is surrounded by national forests and mountains. Lake Tahoe is known for its vibrant deep blue color as well as the bustling casinos, ski resorts and a slew of tourist attractions located nearby. If you choose this boating hot spot you will never run out of things to do.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

Visit the beaches that Orville and Wilbur Wright made forever famous with their first flights. Rich with history and adventure you can visit the lighthouses, climb sand dunes and experience North Carolina’s small town hospitality. On the water you can go island hopping, dolphin watching, fishing or kite boarding, but keep an eye out for the shallow waters this area is known for and double check your boat insurance coverage before you set sail.

Beaver Lake, Arkansas

This 90-mile man-made lake is nestled in the Ozark Mountains and famous for it’s caves and limestone bluffs. Boating, fishing, skiing and wakeboarding are all popular activities, but the area is particularly well known for its striper bass fishing. People travel from all over the country for an opportunity to catch a trophy striper. If you are planning on taking your fishing boat on the road make sure to check your boat insurance policy to ensure you will have coverage in the event of an accident or damage enroute.

Santa Catalina Island, California

Commonly referred to simply as Catalina, this island is part of the eight Channel Islands archipelago. It’s located about 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles. A boating trip across from the coast of California to Catalina is an amazing experience. When you arrive you will find yourself on an island where the pace is relaxing and people walk or drive golf carts almost everywhere. You can look for Bald Eagle sightings, go zip lining, kayak, golf, shop or go to the theater. This little island is packed with tons of entertainment. Be sure to check your boat insurance policy before you go because you might leave your boat docked for a while so you can explore this great destination.

Flathead Lake, Montana

Flathead Lake in Montana is the largest lake in the western United States. Surrounded by cherry orchards on the east and vineyards on the west and mountain scenery everywhere, you couldn’t ask for a better place to explore. Flathead Lake is famous for it’s mountain scenery, oversized boulders, enormous trees and crystal clear waters. If your idea of a dream vacation is to rent a ranch for the week, camp in the state park, or cozy up in a bed & breakfast and then spend each day boating crystal clear waters in the great north this is the place for you.

Jackson Lake, Colorado

This warm water lake offers a great boating experience at altitude. Make sure to get the proper quote on boat insurance before you go, as there are many ways to get yourself in trouble. The area is serious about keeping boats away from the swimming areas, but other than that you are in for a great time. The mountain scenery is some of the best in the country. Bald eagles are spotted regularly and for the fisherman there are wiper, trout, catfish, bass, crappie, walleye and sunfish waiting for you.


Seattle is a great balance between nature and city. An opportunity to commune with nature and still find lots of opportunities for fine dining. In the summer you can tour most of Seattle by boat, just start at the Puget Sound and travel through the Ballard locks into Lake Union. This area is also very popular and can be busy during the summer months so you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable with your boat and that your insurance policy is up to date, and offers the appropriate boat insurance coverage before you head west.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Lake Havasu is known for it’s beautiful clear water and bright turquoise color. The natural red rock scenery creates a picturesque backdrop against the bluebird sky. With the exception of some no wake zones, there are no size restrictions or speed limits on the lake making it a great place to bring your powerboat. While you are cruising you will want to make sure to visit the London Bridge, which was purchased by Lake Havasu’s founder Robert P. McCulloch in 1967 and then reconstructed over the Bridgewater Channel. There are also lots of sandy beaches, hidden coves, cliffs and the river to explore. Despite all of the powerboats, the quite coves provide ample opportunity for the fishermen to try to catch that trophy bass, bluegill, crappie, sunfish or catfish. Whether you visit Lake Havasu, Arizona for the thrill of power boating or a relaxing fishing retreat you will want to review your boat insurance policy to make sure that it offers ample coverage for your boating vacation.

Torch Lake, Michigan

Torch Lake may not be the largest lake in the country but it is the longest inland lake in Michigan and it happens to be one of our personal favorites. National Geographic named Torch Lake the Third Most Beautiful lake in the World. Torch is known for its beautiful turquoise color and clarity. It’s a prefect place to bring your cabin cruiser, sail boat, Jet Ski, pontoon, ski boat or fishing boat. There is relatively little boating traffic for its 18,770 acres unless you anchor at the locals hang out on the sand bar at the south end of the lake. (Yes, that’s the same sandbar that Kid Rock mentions in his song All Summer Long.) Numerous quaint Northern Michigan towns surround Torch Lake. They are filled with family owned restaurants, boutique shopping, and old fashion ice cream shops. If you visit during the summer months you are bound to arrive during one of the local festival. This is a great vacation spot for the whole family to enjoy.

Now that you have lots of ideas start making plans for your next boating vacation right away. If you have any questions about how to ensure that you have the best boat insurance policy for you contact one of our Global Marine Insurance customer service representatives at (800) 748-0224 or email


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