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Hiring Global Marine Insurance Customer Service Representative

Global Marine Insurance is hiring Customer Service Reps in Traverse City and the surrounding areas. Insurance experience is a plus, training will be provided. Find details and apply online at the parent company website, HUB International.

Yacht Trends

The yachting industry has been busy. As yacht insurance specialists, we’re always watching what’s winning awards and what’s getting all the buzz. Here are some of the hottest trends we’ve seen in new yachts, from the 48′ Ocean Alexander to superyachts like the 350′ Black Pearl, an award-winning sailing yacht:

Environmentally-friendly vessels. More and more, we see a focus on sustainable building materials, eco-friendly paint, and designs that maximize natural light and require lower levels of fuel consumption. Even better, while the newest propulsion systems require less fuel, there’s real optimism that hybrid yacht batteries will improve significantly in the next few years.

Multihulls are appealing (even among superyachts). With the focus is on yachts that leave a less negative environmental impact, it’s impossible to ignore that catamarans and trimarans are very efficient. Renowned naval architect, Jean-Jacque Coste, has predicted that the multihull will become the standard before long.

Technological advancements are improving safety and security. There are some exciting safety and anti-theft features, which bodes well for yacht insurance rates, in addition to an increase in “smart-home” gadgets. Communication is improving, making working from a yacht less stressful than in previous years when owners lost connectivity. (Remember to discuss new technology with your yacht insurance specialists to ensure you have adequate insurance coverage for repair or replacement.)

Interiors are bright. There’s lots of natural light, enhanced with more floor-to-ceiling glass to exteriors and full glass walls in interiors to open up space. Luxury has gone from opulent to minimalist, and it’s very striking with high-quality natural fibers, renewable woods, and metals.

Explorer yachts are all the rage. These vessels have both luxury and practicality. A full complement of amenities, stronger hulls, ample storage space, larger refrigerators, and bigger cabin areas allow you to comfortably explore more remote areas.

The designs we saw in 2020 have been very thoughtful and creative. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s unveiled in 2021.

If you’re considering a new yacht or boat, check your insurance coverage options with the yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance.

Spending the Holidays on Your Yacht

If you’re a yachting enthusiast, you know that one of the best places to celebrate the holidays is on your boat. Whether your destination is a remote island or your favorite marina, it’s easy to make things festive on the water and remain safely socially distanced. As yacht insurance specialists, our clients often share their boating holiday plans. Here are a few of our favorites.

Many people who live in snowy states leave the white Christmas behind in favor of a Florida coastal adventure. There are so many beautiful waterways to wander and ports of call to explore. Others enjoy a wet West Coast Christmas vibe off the coast of Washington or Oregon or the unforgettable warmth of a California yachting yuletide. You can forget about Jack Frost entirely!

Remember that it’s essential to check your yacht insurance coverage any time you travel outside your usual boating areas. It’s not only to ensure you’re covered when you cross state lines or international boundaries. You also want to be covered in the event you run aground, get involved in a collision in unfamiliar waters, or have items stolen from your vessel.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for making the holidays on your yacht festive and fun:

Pull out the holiday decorations and add some holiday cheer from stem to stern. You can string lights, hang garlands and add wreaths, a tree, or even some seasonal inflatables to celebrate the season.

Do a quick bit of research and visit villages along the shoreline with light displays or holiday markets. (They’ll also get to enjoy your yacht being all decked out in decorations!)

Play some holiday tunes as a backdrop to your festive adventure. It’s easier to bring along a wide variety of tunes now that we can download songs to our electronic devices. Just don’t forget the Bluetooth speaker.

Plan ahead so you can enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal with minimal effort. There are so many incredible (and easy!) recipes for holiday hams and roasts done in a crockpot. Or support a local restaurant by pre-ordering your holiday meal to go and eat a professionally prepared feast aboard your vessel.

Wherever you cruise this holiday season, our yacht insurance specialists wish you good weather and all the best! Before you head out on the water, contact the yacht insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to ensure you have the best and most comprehensive coverage. 

Note: Some insurance policies contain a lay-up period where your vessel is covered only while being stored. Lay-up periods are particularly common in Northern climates where your boat is not used during the winter. If necessary, update your policy before using your boat or yacht during the holiday season.

Winter Boating Safety

Boating safety is especially important in the winter, where even strong swimmers can experience great difficulty surviving in cold water. Hypothermia is a risk in cool water, and “cold shock” can occur in frigid water. Winter storms may create hazardous conditions, while low temperatures can tax batteries. Depending on your vessel and the water conditions, the risks vary greatly. However, if you take safety precautions, winter boating can allow you to get out on the water during more of the year, visit areas that are typically overpopulated, and have a new experience. Here are some tips for staying safe on the water this winter. 

Check the Weather

Before boating, check your local weather for dangerous conditions. It takes a lot less rain and wind than you probably expect to cause significant damage to a boat. Winter storms can take a heavy toll on boats and even result in sinking.

File a Float Plan

Tell someone staying ashore where you are going and what time you expect to return. Make sure you take enough clothing to dress in layers and stay dry and warm. 

Don’t Overload

Review the capacity plate on your boat and do not exceed any of its limits when loading the vessel. Exceeding the weight limit can compromise the vessel’s performance and increase your risk of submersion. If you bring more gear, supplies, or people than usual, make sure you are still within the recommended weight limits. 

Wear a Life Jacket

While on the water, always wear a life jacket. About 75% of boating fatalities involve capsizing, boaters falling overboard, or flooding or swamping boats. Sudden immersion in frigid water can cause people to experience temporary paralysis and drown. Also, thick clothes often worn for protection against cold air temperatures become heavy in the water and make it difficult for those wearing them to stay afloat. A life jacket will help keep your head above water in an immersion accident until you can control your breathing and dramatically increase your chances of survival. It can also serve as thermal protection against hypothermia while keeping you afloat until you can rescue yourself or someone else can help you.

Avoid Alcohol

It is best to avoid drinking alcohol while boating to prevent placing yourself and others in dangerous situations such as leaning over too far, jumping from vessel to vessel, and moving around too much or standing, leading to passengers falling overboard or a boat capsizing. Also, make sure you keep a sharp lookout, maintain surrounding awareness, and advise other passengers about general boating safety tips. During boat launching and recovery, you should pay close attention to docks and the ground near shorelines for any ice, so you do not end up slipping and hurting yourself.

Check Your Boat or Yacht Insurance

When’s the last time you reviewed your boat or yacht insurance coverage? Do you have a lay-up period? Lay-up is a period that the boat will not be used. These policies are typically for boats located in climates with cold winters. During a lay-up period, the boat insurance coverage includes damage that may occur while stored but not navigated. A lay-up period is an opportunity to save on boat insurance premiums, but you’ll want to verify that you are not boating without adequate yacht insurance coverage. 

For more boating safety tips, visit the United States Power Squadrons️️ website.

Seeking – Marine Customer Service Representative/Sales


The Marine Customer Service Representative oversees the servicing of policies for Global Marine Insurance clients.


Managing Inbound Calls

  • Receive inbound calls including transferred calls from current clients/brokers
  • Place outbound follow-up calls for various reasons or documents
  • Answer questions about the product details, the company, and issues with account for the clients/brokers.
  • Assist clients/brokers with any technical issues experienced with the website and escalate any issues to management appropriately.
  • Perform account maintenance activities
  • Meet Quality Assurance Requirements and other key performance metrics.


  • Process all endorsements, diary information, follow up if necessary, answer questions/concerns.
  • Process renewals


Upon notification from Accounting that an account is past due, contact the insured via email for payment.

Shop Markets

Upon renewal, shop markets if necessary for price & coverage.  Communicate with the producer, the client, and the carrier.

Other Administrative Tasks

Perform other job duties as they may be assigned including but not limited to processing renewals, scanning data into Navigator, etc.


The formal education and experience for a Customer Service Representative can vary.  However, the following are commonly required for this position:

  • Demonstrated strong decision-making ability
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Strong work ethic and self-starter, able to effectively manage multiple priorities and adapt to change within a fast-paced business environment
  • Flexibility with daily tasks
  • Fast and accurate typing skills
  • Goal-oriented
  • Ability to learn and navigate new software quickly
  • Strong ability to organize and prioritize
  • Excellent listening skills and the ability to ask probing questions, understand concern and overcome objections
  • Must possess a professional and friendly attitude and be able to quickly develop a rapport with clients/brokers over the phone
  • 2 years of customer experience
  • P/L license is a plus
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