Best Boating Lakes on the East Coast

The Eastern United States is packed full of stunning lakes to enjoy. Florida alone has more than 33,000 lakes, New York state has more than 7,600, and Michigan not only borders four of the five Great Lakes, but it boasts more than 26,000 lakes that are bigger than one acre in size. The list goes on with every eastern state.

If you want to get out and enjoy some cool breezes and relaxing waves, our boating insurance specialists recommend these three lakes as some of the best boating on the East Coast:

Saratoga Lake, New York – Not far from the City of Saratoga Springs, you’ll find this summer gem, with a width of two miles at its widest point and a length of around five miles. Saratoga Lake boasts delightful Brown’s Beach, three tiers of relaxing grounds at Waterfront Park, and fine restaurants to enjoy along the shoreline. The Saratoga Lake State Boat Launch is open all year long and comfortably accommodates up to 100 trailers.

Lake Champlain, New York – Beautiful Lake Champlain spans roughly 125 miles from north to south and offers boating, fishing, and plenty to do and see on shore. There are boat launches and marinas available to the public along the Adirondack Coast and a range of amenities, including eateries and campsites. The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum is a fascinating destination on land, and also offers guided tours for divers keen to see some of the historic shipwrecks on the bottom of the lake. If you like, you can travel by canal to the St. Lawrence River and the beautiful city of Montreal on the Canadian side or the Hudson River in southern New York state.

Lake Cumberland, Kentucky – This lake is one of the largest in the Bluegrass State, known for its scenic shoreline with countless coves to explore. There are four full-service marinas on the western and northern sides of the lake and numerous boat ramps around the lake. Boaters will enjoy more than 60,000 acres of open water as well as all opportunities to enjoy a good meal at area restaurants.

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