New Zealand – Super Yacht Destination

super yacht destination1New Zealand is working hard to attract super yachts to its shores and Global Marine Insurance is here to ensure that super yacht insurance coverage is up to the voyage.

Tourism in New Zealand has been busy promoting the beautiful land as a destination of choice for mega-yachts. It is working in collaboration with other organizations including New Zealand Marine, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development.

Their combined effort to lure super yachts to New Zealand will let American yacht enthusiasts know the highlights of cruising grounds, services for super yachts, and all the attractions travelers to the country will be able to enjoy.

With the right super yacht insurance coverage, Americans can travel the globe and enjoy their time on the water knowing that they have ample insurance coverage for their vessel, crew and other needs.

super yacht destinationMany mega-yacht owners have discovered the beauty and amenities of New Zealand. The stunning scenery and interesting coastline have captured the hearts of adventurous mariners. New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere offer endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Last year, roughly 35 mega-yachts visited the country and injected over $80 million into the economy. Travelers now enjoy adventure activities, visiting what is billed as the “real middle earth” where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed, and visiting vineyards, hot pools, and more.

In addition to cultural attractions, New Zealand has become internationally recognized as a country with exceptional boat builders and a variety of marine companies. The skills of New Zealand’s marine trades people are becoming popular among international yacht owners.

Travel to New Zealand has been made even easier thanks to a new Temporary Import Entry that exempts owners from paying duties under certain circumstances. The period has been extended from 12 to 24 months in a bid to be more hospitable hosts for mega-yacht tourism.

Inspired to voyage to New Zealand? Call the boat insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance to ensure you have the right super yacht insurance coverage for the epic journey.

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