Marine Artisan Insurance Coverage

When selecting insurance coverage for your marine artisan business, it is essential to work with insurance professionals that understand the unique aspects of your business and have access to highly rated insurance carriers with marine specific products.

When you work with a Global Marine Insurance agent, you can expect a clear explanation of exclusions, options and all of the relevant considerations.

Some marine artisan businesses we provide insurance for include:

  • Marine cleaning, detailing, waxing or winterization companies
  • Commissioning
  • Repair businesses such as bottom painting, rigging, marine mechanics (including engine repair) and repair of canvas or fiberglass components
  • Refurbishing services, including interior restoration experts, prop reconditioning, or soda blasting
  • Electronic installers and service technicians
  • Painters, shrink-wrapping, or outfitting companies

Our friendly staff members will help assess your risk areas and figure out which coverage options will best protect you and your work from liability, accidents, or damage. There are extras to consider, such as pollution and environmental risk coverage.

When regular commercial marine insurance may not be the best fit for the unique talents and abilities of your business and its employees, consider exploring the marine artisan insurance coverage that will protect you on your terms.

Not sure if your marine artisan business is adequately insured? Do you wonder if you may be able to save money? Contact the marine insurance professionals at Global Marine Insurance for a complimentary review of your current policy.

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