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One of the largest and most trusted boating sites on the internet,, and Global Marine Insurance Agency are excited to announce a unique opportunity for those applying for a loan on the Yacht World website.

Yacht World Global Marine Insurance Agency

Just as Yatch World is a trusted name in the yacht industry, Global Marine Insurance is the trusted name in yacht insurance, boat insurance and commercial marine insurance. Our reputation for superior customer service is what has lead to the unique opportunity we would like to highlight.

Yacht World’s website provides a service allowing those seeking to finance a boat purchase to apply for boat loans. Individuals who have completed an application will be given the opportunity to also receive information on boat insurance from Global Marine Insurance. All they have to do is check the “opt in” box on the application. From there a Global Marine Insurance representative will contact them to discuss boat insurance options.

Global Marine Insurance Agency Website

So if you’re looking to purchase a boat from the largest selection of brokerage boats for sale and purchase insurance from the trusted name in boating insurance, you can now do it from one location!

Of course, if you already own a boat and are looking for boat insurance options, check out our website, or get an online quote!

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