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Marina Electric Shock Drowning Dangers

Share As marine business insurance specialists, we know that marinas have to be scrupulous about compliance and vigilant about safety. A recent Traverse City case involving the marina electrocution drowning of a teenage boy underscores how seriously things can go wrong if standards are lax. In August of 2011, Michigan teenager Michael Knudsen and his friends decided to jump into… READ MORE

Boat Dealership Demo Safety

ShareEach year, there are serious recreational boating accidents. Most accidents are preventable, but due to inexperienced captains, inclement weather, mechanical failures, alcohol and other factors poor choices are made that lead to a tragedy. It’s not just leisure boat trips that can go wrong. When boat dealers take prospective boat owners out to demo a boat, accidents may happen. As… READ MORE

Marina & Boat Manufacturer Forklift Safety

ShareAs marine business insurance specialists one challenge we see for marina and boat manufacturers is fork lift operators with inadequate training. Often on the job training results in the sharing of unsafe practices and inadequate safety measures. The results can be catastrophic when operators make a mistake while stacking boats on racks sometimes several stories high.   Most people see… READ MORE

Reviving a Drowning Victim

ShareAs a yacht insurance provider, we hear stories of tragedies, which in turn can make the pursuit of safety on the water a passion. We hope that this simple advice in addition to some formal training will help you to enjoy the water safely and help others in the event of an emergency. There is a lot of talk of… READ MORE

Global Marine Insurance Celebrates Silver

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – From humble beginnings when the two founders of Michigan-based Global Marine Insurance would bring chocolate chip cookies to boat shows, the specialized insurance company has established a national presence.

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