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Winter Boating Safety

The right boat or yacht insurance coverage is essential to protecting your investment in any weather, but knowing how to boat safely during the cooler months can go a long ways towards reducing your risk of needing to file a claim. Since we would all prefer to avoid danger here are a few tips to keep you safer and avoid needing your marine insurance company on speed dial.

Marina Fuel Dock Yacht Safety

ShareFor marina fuel docks to be boater friendly they need to be safe. As specialists in the marine business insurance industry, we have some great tips to help ensure marina fuel dock safety. Here are some ways we recommend for marina fuel docks to take preventative action to protect boaters on all vessels from fishing boats to yachts: • Ensure… READ MORE

Winterizing Your Yacht

ShareWinterizing Your Yacht For most Americans, fall is the time to think about winterizing yachts and boats. Our yacht insurance specialists strive to help boat enthusiasts ensure they protect their marine investments with proper precautions. No matter whether you are planning to store your yacht in climate-controlled storage or are going to protect it with a tarp, protective cover, or… READ MORE

Peer-to-Peer Yacht Insurance

SharePeer-to-Peer Yacht Insurance Coverage One interesting new market that has opened up during tighter economic times is the peer-to-peer rental business. What does this have to do with boat or yacht insurance? The popularity of renting goods or services that aren’t in use has had great success in real estate. Vacation homes and condos all around the world are easily… READ MORE

Yacht Color Touring

ShareYacht Color Touring If you think fall color tours are pretty along highways and byways, our yacht insurance specialists are confident that nothing can beat the vibrant autumn foliage seen from the water. So much of America’s countryside truly comes alive in the fall. Naturally, as boat enthusiasts and yacht insurance providers we might be a bit biased; but we… READ MORE

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