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Reviving a Drowning Victim

ShareAs a yacht insurance provider, we hear stories of tragedies, which in turn can make the pursuit of safety on the water a passion. We hope that this simple advice in addition to some formal training will help you to enjoy the water safely and help others in the event of an emergency. There is a lot of talk of… READ MORE

Global Marine Insurance Celebrates Silver

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – From humble beginnings when the two founders of Michigan-based Global Marine Insurance would bring chocolate chip cookies to boat shows, the specialized insurance company has established a national presence.

Preparing for Boating

ShareBoating season seems to have arrived a little late for those of us in northern climates and if you haven’t already it’s time to get your boat or yacht ready for the water. At Global Marine Insurance, we love knowing that all our valued clients are fully prepared for heading out on the water as being ready minimizes risk. And… READ MORE

Boating & Storms

ShareAs a yacht insurance company, we like to know our clients are well-protected and well- prepared for any circumstances. With spring finally here, we’d like to offer some advice about seasonal storms for recreational boaters. Spring weather can be unpredictable, so it is very important that you check weather conditions before you head out on the water. When cold and… READ MORE

Best Yachting Apps

Share We hear from clients how wonderful it is to be able to review yacht insurance coverage online, but lately we’ve been ogling over the modern technology in the amazing yachting apps now available. When you’re out on the waves, here are some of our top picks you and your crew should download to your iPhones or iPads: Compass Eye… READ MORE

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