Global Marine Insurance: How to Anchor Your Boat

Anchoring your boat is an essential skill that every boat owner must possess. When done properly, you and your guests can rest easy knowing that your boat will stay where you left it.

Can you imagine looking out at the place your boat used to be, only to see open water? Or even worse, without properly securing your boat’s anchor, you could float away overnight. You could have a real Gilligan’s Island situation on your hands (which probably sounds more fun that it actually is :)). So to keep you safe and secure, here’s a “How to Anchor Your Boat” tutorial from die-hard boaters at Global Marine.

First, approach the desired anchor point moving against the current and wind, whichever is stronger.

Global Marine Insurance Agency: How to Anchor Your Boat

Second, navigate your vessel over the desired anchor point and slowly lower your anchor. The boat should begin to travel slightly away from the anchor point (due to the current or wind). Keep enough tension on your chain so that it doesn’t begin to pile on top of itself and become entangled.

Global Marine Insurance Agency: How to Anchor Your Boat 2

Third, with a small amount of tension on the anchor chain, you can begin to ease away from the anchor point, to the swing zone. Be careful not to apply too much tension. Doing so will pull the anchor along the bottom. At this point you want just enough to keep your vessel facing the anchor point.

Global Marine Insurance Agency: How to Anchor Your Boat 3

Fourth and lastly, set the anchor and allow it to dig in. To make sure that the anchor indeed is secure, you will want to reverse your engine and apply some tension to the anchor. Some think that this step isn’t necessary, and perhaps once you’ve done this several times you will be able to tell when the anchor is secure, but we recommend you always do this to be absolutely sure.

Global Marine Insurance Agency: How to Anchor Your Boat 4

Now that your anchor is secure you can fish, read, or relax. Do you have any tips or tricks on anchoring a boat? Share with us in the comments below!

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